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Navigating The Workers’ Compensation System

Whether you work in construction or drive for your career, an injury-causing accident can limit your ability to work. When you are injured at work, what are your rights to workers’ compensation? Are you limited in where you can seek medical treatment? Do you need to seek approval before getting care?

You may encounter hurdles as you begin to ask questions. Speaking with an experienced Iowa lawyer is the best way to fully understand your rights.

Hopkins Law Office in West Des Moines has helped injured workers and their families for more than 40 years. Attorney Pat Hopkins will take the time to understand your unique situation and provide individualized advice on available legal options.

Here are some basic answers to workers’ compensation questions. We can provide more specific information when an accident was caused by negligence and there might also be a personal injury claim.

Are You Eligible For Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

All employers in Iowa must provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees. Thus, if you are an employee who was injured “in the course of employment,” you should be eligible.

Who is or isn’t a covered employee is a difficult question. Some employers try to label employees as independent contractors to try and avoid providing workers’ compensation benefits.  This type of situation should always be discussed with an attorney knowledgeable about workers’ rights.

What Are Examples Of Injuries That Are Covered?

Injury has a broad definition that includes health impairments resulting from employment activities. Hearing loss may be considered an injury if caused in the course of your job duties.

Issues can arise when there was a pre-existing injury or disease. The amount of aggravation or worsening caused by employment may be contested.

Who Decides On Care Providers?

Employers are required to provide reasonable medical treatment, but they have the right to select a provider and course of treatment. If you are dissatisfied with available options or are refused a referral to a specialist, you should discuss the situation with a workers’ compensation lawyer.

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