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Putting An End To Sexual Abuse By Leaders

For many families in Iowa, membership in boys and girls organizations is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Since past family members have enjoyed membership in such groups, the newest generation looks forward to experiences of their own — from camping trips to community service projects.

Yet, these groups are not immune to infiltration by sexual predators who use leadership roles to groom and exploit young people. They build positive relationships with parents and other adults only to use their positions of authority to sexually abuse youngsters in their charge.

Many of these cases — such as instances of Boy Scout sexual abuse — could have been avoided had the involved organizations simply admitted the abuse and initiated steps to protect the children. Unfortunately, some organizations did nothing, while others actively hid abuse by their leaders.

Battling Leadership Sexual Abuse

At Hopkins Law Office in West Des Moines, our founding lawyer has helped Iowa families overcome the obstacles that come with holding a high-profile organization accountable for the acts of their members. Our founding attorney has focused on sexual abuse cases for more than a decade and can explain your options. These cases are both legally complex and emotionally charged. We can provide you with compassionate advocacy during a traumatic time.

While heightened public awareness has brought about positive changes, nothing can turn back the clock or unring the bell. If you are a victim of leadership abuse, it may be time to address that issue.

The First Step When You Are Ready

When you are ready, we will be more than happy to sit down with you, listen and help you move forward on your personal journey from victim to survivor.

Scheduling a free initial consultation is the first step. It can be tough, but we offer a safe place in a welcoming environment. Call Hopkins Law Office at 515-218-7075 or complete our confidential intake form.