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Hiding In Plain Sight: Educators Who Abuse Children

What are some signs of sexual assault? A formerly fun-loving and exuberant child may become more distant and sad with little explanation. If you experienced sexual advances or contact by a trusted teacher or coach as a child, you may have dealt with it by repressing memories for decades.

Whether you are concerned about a child or facing past memories that are surfacing, a lawyer can often help you obtain a legal remedy.

At Hopkins Law Office, we represent families and individuals across Iowa from our West Des Moines office. With more than 40 years of legal experience, Pat Hopkins has sought to provide a voice for those have been traumatized by sexual abuse.

Dealing With Emotional Trauma

A charismatic teacher or coach may be a facade for a sexual predator who preys on children. Physical injuries will heal, but emotional trauma requires a different type of recovery. Left untreated, your child may carry a heavy burden of victimhood into adulthood.

An abusive educator’s agenda has little if anything to do with education and more to do with grooming future victims. These victims must come to terms with the fact that their educational experience has been radically altered. Because of the selfish, criminal acts of an educator or coach, there may be lifelong consequences.

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