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The Devastating Discovery Of Clergy Abuse

Were you sexually abused by a member of the clergy? Abuse by priests in the Catholic Church has made headlines in Iowa and across the country after church cover-ups were exposed. It is not only priests who take advantage of their trusted relationships within the community. Pastors, rabbis, imams and other leaders of various faiths may take advantage of their position.

Misuse of their position can come in many forms. Abuse by members of the clergy, regardless of the form, can be devastating. Often, threats of reprisals keep victims quiet out of fear for years. Other victims cope by repressing memories.

At Hopkins Law Office in West Des Moines, our founding lawyer began focusing on these types of cases more than a decade ago. One of Pat Hopkins’ first cases involved abuse by a parish priest.

From Victim To Survivor: Admitting Abuse Comes First

Members of the clergy often hold a unique and powerful position in their communities. Acting against them is complicated for both legal and religious reasons. For those reasons, victims often carry these secrets around for years.

Pursuing legal action after memories of sexual abuse surface is an important decision, one not to be taken lightly. When a victim decides to become a survivor, he or she may be confused as to how to proceed. The limitations period for bring a lawsuit can require a complicated analysis; we can explain available options after listening to your story.

Are You Ready To Confront Past Abuse?

When you are comfortable and ready to tell your story, our attorney will spend all the time necessary to evaluate your claim and advise you as to how best to move forward.

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