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When Your Trust Is Violated

While each sexual abuse case has unique issues that require tailored legal representation, experience has shown us that abusers share certain characteristics. Perpetrators tend to be charismatic, popular figures in their communities.

Based in West Des Moines, Hopkins Law Office has provided a voice to the formerly powerless. We aim to hold individuals in positions of authority accountable for their abuse, whether they’re members of the clergy, teachers, Boy Scout leaders or authority figures in other organizations.

Our founding attorney has more than 40 years of legal experience and has devoted much of his time over the past decade to helping victims of sexual abuse. After you’ve taken the first key step in contacting Pat, he can assist you in getting appropriate psychological help.

Common Patterns To Disarm Victims

Once installed in leadership roles at churches, schools or volunteer organizations, abusers build — or, more accurately, manipulate — relationships with children and their parents or guardians. And even with background checks and other procedures to screen foster care parents, abuse in foster care placements still occurs.

The setting might vary, but the characteristics do not: Predators use their positions to lower the natural defenses of children, parents and the community at large.

One by one, the abuser disarms a child’s natural defenders, bringing them to the abuser’s side and burnishing the abuser’s public persona.

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Feelings of fear and denial are normal. However, moving from victim to survivor is a process. A lawyer can assist you through each step. You are not just exposing a sexual predator; you’re putting an end to a cycle of abuse.

Hopkins Law Office is a safe place with an open, welcoming environment. Tell us your story; we do not judge. Schedule a free initial consultation by sending a confidential message online or calling our Iowa firm at 515-218-7075.