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When An Authority Figure Violates Your Trust … Or An Accident Changes Your Life

With more than 40 years of experience, lawyer Pat Hopkins handles cases of sexual abuse as well as personal injury and workers’ compensation claims.

Fighting For Victims Of Abuse Across Iowa

Victims of sexual abuse face a simple truth: When past traumas are ignored and memories are buried, time does not heal all wounds.

Whether the abuse occurred yesterday, last month or decades ago, the trauma of abuse remains. Its ramifications may continue through the decades. For abusers, no justice equals no consequences. No consequences equal more victims.

Put Your Trust In Attorney Pat Hopkins

Abuse victims often remain silent for decades. Often, the first time an individual may talk about being abused is during a consultation with Pat at his West Des Moines office. He will take your circumstances seriously, and he promises ongoing confidentiality and discretion throughout the legal process.

Over the past decade, Pat Hopkins has focused on emotionally charged, legally complex cases involving sexual exploitation by authority figures across Iowa.

The Highest Standards Of Confidentiality And Discretion

You are not responsible for what happened to you. You are not at fault for the criminal actions of someone else. Pat Hopkins will remain at your side as you take your first steps on your journey from victim to survivor.

To successfully move from being a victim of sexual abuse to being a survivor of sexual abuse, certain things are clear. Survivors recognize that the abuse needs to be confronted. On that journey, help from professionals always comes first.

As they progress on their journey, some survivors realize that for them, litigation is not the answer. Others want to know and understand their rights and the hurdles to be confronted in bringing their abuser to justice. Whatever the right decision is for you, Pat Hopkins will be there to hear your story, explain your options and assist you on your journey.

Focus On Recovery After A Serious Accident

When another’s negligence causes an accident, you have legal remedies. As you move past the initial shock, questions will arise. What is the full extent of the injury? How long will it take to get back to work? When can you expect to be made whole?

The answers are different in each case. Pat Hopkins provides individualized representation and will stand up for your rights, so you can focus on recovery.

At Your Side Throughout The Legal Process

All communications go through this office. Your trust is paramount to us. For more information, contact Hopkins Law Office for a free consultation via confidential online form or call 515-218-7075.

Learn Your Rights

When An Authority Figure Abuses Your Trust

Has past sexual abuse trauma become a burden you can no longer carry? It is time to:

  • Free yourself of the secret that you have been carrying for far too long.
  • Free yourself from the abuser who violated your trust.

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